Year 2013-2014
Interior Design Business Hotel Project of Zongheng International Hotel on the East side of Jiefang Road and north side of Dongping River, Nanzhuang Town, Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong for Foshan Zonghengyongfeng Real estate development Co., Ltd. The total construction area of 57349.22 square meters with a Design area of 34460.94 square. 25 Floors.
Design at ColinDerler Design Studio GZ in 2013. Design is the properties of ColinDerler Design Studio.

Design area of 34460.94 square meters including Lobby, Public Place, Publics Corridors, Lifts Corridors, Lobby Bar, Buffet,  the  design of Standard rooms, Business rooms, Deluxe suites and other chamber and the Office Executive floor.

The Concept Design is based on the famous Chinese Poet LIBAI and his poem about the waterfalls, this theme matching with the proximity of Dongping River and the architecture of the lobby with an impressive high ceiling of 16 meters.

We play with the theme of the verticality in the design that make the lobby impressive and using warm materials, like wood, stone color for the atmosphere.
It’s a first feeling through a waterfall but after the visual appears others strong meanings like releasing emotions & negative feelings, revitalization & renewal feelings.

We reinterpret the aspects of Tang Dynasty into a tall, powerful & light design and the waterfall theme into the design of the lobby reception inspired by water collision creating a strong and simple Chinese graphic on the floor pattern. A graphic that we have declined in several variants for different floors and functions of hotel spaces with which we play as wood or metal carving, carpet graphic and stone pattern.