I am an enthusiastic, hardworking designer with a large and varied background and references. My working experience have enabled me to acquire a solid knowledge of the different techniques and manufacturing processes as well as to get used to analyzing problems and drawing up product specifications.
Through permanent exchanges with diverse speakers I am considering all project constraints and characteristics to be able to design product or space meeting requirements and final user expectations.
My passion for Design relies in the alliance of enjoying doing the exercise of playing with constraints on one hand and of taking profit from my curiosity about the world on the other hand.

Experienced Designer with talent, energy, technical skills and customer focus.
Comprehensive understanding of the construction process, from concept to completion.
Ability to “self-check” plans, calculations, details.
Proficient user of personal computers: Solidworks, Maxwel render, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Corel.
Passion for all aspects of art, design and trends.
Strong aesthetic / good eye for design and detail.